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Hands-On Healing

Hands-On Healing - the Bengston Energy Healing Method®  

* Sessions are NOT available Online -

What is Hands-On Healing? 


*All of the information on this page comes from the Bengston Method® - either the book (mentioned below) and/or the training CDs. Any and all credit goes to Bill Bengston for discovering this method of healing, and doing the work to repeatedly test and report results, and then share them with the general public. 


As described in William Bengston’s book the Energy Cure, hands-on healing is simply a process of “healing through detachment - distracting [the] mind from [the] hands in order to let them move unimpeded by intellect or ego.” (pg 64) The reason for this is that the practitioner is not the origin of the healing power, which comes from a place or foundation known by many different names, such as “Source”, “God”, “the Universe”, etc. This is unlike many types of healers who consider themselves the channel for divine power. 


Instantaneous cures can be rare, though most treatments do have noticeable effects. Sometimes a treatment may result in an initial worsening of symptoms, particularly in conditions involving pain, this is a necessary part of the process. 



  1. You have to want to get well! 

  • The truth is, a lot of sick people don’t really want to get better, despite what they say. They enjoy the attention their illness gives them or maybe they just want an excuse to get out of their responsibilities.” Ben, pg 33

  • “I had to conclude … that many people didn’t want to get well. This was especially true of those who had been sick or in pain for a long time. They seemed to have grown dependent on their ailments as part of their identities. Life without illness was inconceivable to them, even as they went through the motions of desperately seeking relief, not only to satisfy those around them but to keep up the charade for themselves.” William, pg. 45


2. Be ready and willing to participate! You will be given a few exercises to distract your own mind during the healing treatments – your willingness to consistently do these exercises matters! 




  • Treatments last from 30-60 minutes, 1-2 times weekly (depending on your practitioner’s availability) You will sit or lie comfortably while the practitioner places their hands on a part of the body, and only after the client has given permission.


  • Expect multiple sessions - Typically, people need to return for multiple treatments for a complete cure, sometimes even then it can prove elusive. “Over the months I noted a relationship between the amount of time a condition had existed and the number of treatments needed to cure it.” (pg 44)


  • Conditions that are “normal”, such as near-sightedness, are not diseases, and therefore may not respond particularly well. Know that the best prognosis comes for those who have aggressive cancers, and who have not had radiation or chemotherapy. 


  • You don’t have to “believe in anything” to benefit from treatment. This isn’t a religious or any other type of practice along those lines. It doesn’t require you to “think positive” or practice any sort of “woo woo” technique. It has been rigorously tested in scientific labs over a number of years and has been found to be amazingly effective. 



This may be obvious, but nothing in life is guaranteed. Any healing that may take place is, as always, self-healing. The practitioner who assists you by facilitating your own self-healing is not the source, and as such, makes no guarantees. By booking a session each client confirms they have read and understood this information.

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