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Questions and Answers



Q: Will you tell my family/friends what happened? 

A: Absolutely not! Everything that occurs during a session is confidential. 

Q: Do you accept my insurance? 

A: We do not accept any insurance at this time.

Q: Will you make me do something I'm not comfortable doing? 

A: No! You are in control the entire time.

Q: Do I need to bring anything? 

A: Bring a bottle of water, and if you are doing a hypnosis session - don't forget your questions! Click here for the info sheet on Before Your Session Instructions. 

Q: Help! I can't find the forms I'm supposed to fill out! 

A: Ah! Lucky for you - you can just visit the Resources page found here.




Q: How long is the consultation? 

A: Up to an hour

Q: Do you prescribe medication? 

A: No, you will get a detailed plan on how to titrate off your medications, after we have discussed the pros and cons of stopping. 

Q: Where is the consultation held? 

A: Online :) 

Q: Can you be my psychiatrist? 

A: No, these consultations were created for people who want to do psychedelic-assisted therapy, but need to safely stop prescription medications first. 

Q: What online platform do you use?

A: Zoom

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