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Beyond Quantum Healing

What is Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

Allowing Your Subconscious Mind to Assist with Healing!

 What is BQH?  


If you haven’t heard of Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) - basically it is very similar to QHHT®  - but allows for the practitioner to make changes to the induction or other elements based on individual client needs, as compared to QHHT® which requires that the practitioner follow the same script and session elements every time. 


Healing can happen in many ways—one of which may be through hypnosis in a safe and compassionate environment. Hypnosis allows us to access self-information that our busy conscious minds don't know how to connect to. When our human perspective is shifted via this method, often healing can occur.

The history of hypnosis is long-standing (read more here)  and it has been an accepted and valued method of healing by the medical/psychiatric community since the early 1950s. There are numerous blog posts, YouTube videos, and other sources of information online around this subject, which means there are a whole lot of answers out there for any additional questions!


BQH is a hypnosis technique developed by Candace Goldman-Craw, a longtime QHHT® practitioner. Candance worked closely with Delores Cannon for a number of years, and subsequently developed the BQH method. BQH allows for more freedom and flexibility in the hypnosis technique, which is believed by many to increase benefits for both clients and practitioners, yet remains closely related to the QHHT®  model. 


BQH incorporates multiple styles of induction, many additional healing techniques, and thus a broader knowledge of how quantum healing hypnosis can be used. A BQH session can be quite similar to a QHHT® session, or it can be very different, depending on the needs of the client. Generally speaking, a BQH session will include looking at other lifetimes, and getting healing and answers from Source, also known as your Guides, Angels, the SC, the Higher Self, God, or the Universe. BQH allows for the combination of many types of healing modalities. See below for a description of different parts of a BQH session. 


Understanding Hypnosis in the Brain –


The primary goal of hypnosis is to induce a state of theta rhythm in the brain, using guided relaxation and visualization. The theta brainwave – or rhythm - is where we access our subconscious mind.


Brain waves – also called neural oscillations, are “rhythmic or repetitive patterns of neural activity in the central nervous system” (Wikipedia). Synchronized activity of large numbers of neurons (brain cells) can be observed via an electroencephalogram, or EEG. Different patterns of these oscillations, or brain waves, have been observed since 1924, and these patterns can be correlated to the current mental state of the subject. There are numerous types of patterns, but for our purposes, only the Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Theta oscillatory patterns (rhythms) will be discussed. 


  • Alpha rhythm is generally known as wakeful relaxation with the eyes closed. 

  • Beta rhythm is associated with normal waking consciousness

  • Delta rhythm is usually seen in the deep stage 3 of sleep

  • Gamma rhythm is correlated with large scale brain network activity and can be increased in amplitude via meditation or neurostimulation. 

  • Theta rhythm is associated with memory formation, navigation, and can be seen during REM sleep. The power of theta rhythm can be increased by those who practice meditation. 


Our amazing human brain has the ability to remember data from other lifetimes by means of seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, and experiencing physical and emotional sensations. It is much like a very vivid dream, and happens through the same physical channels, except the individual is conscious and can openly and freely communicate what they are experiencing. We live in a left-brain dominant world, so letting our right brain take over can sometimes be a very foreign experience. Right brain experiences are usually not concerned with logic or explanations.


There’s significantly more to our world and ourselves than we’ve traditionally been taught. We can access infinitely more information  when we get out of the limited programming of our left brains. Most people have been conditioned to block or shut out the “magic” that the right brain is capable of showing us, so by relaxing into the theta frequency we are able to mute or step outside of our own mental conditioning. You can read more about brain waves here.


Dolores Cannon discovered (quite by accident) that anyone can access experiences of ‘Other Lifetimes’ (past, present or future) while in a theta state. 


She also discovered an infinitely knowledgeable and powerful aspect within each person that can be contacted and communicated with, and which she referred to as the Subconscious  (“the SC”), or “the Higher Self”.  Other practitioners may call it the Super Conscious (SC) because this is the part of you that connects to all universal or cosmic knowledge and has planned and directed your life from the beginning. It is the total you. It is the expanded or whole Soul that you are, outside of this limited reality that your conscious mind sees. The SC guides everything that happens during a session. Ultimately, BQH is not about hypnosis, it is about your SC helping you to see and experience more of who you actually are.


There are several parts to a BQH session:


1.) Discussion  - We will sit down at the beginning and discuss the questions you want answered during your session, and any expectations you might have. 


2.) Experiencing Other Lifetimes - Other Life Review is the first component of a BQH session because the experiences the SC chooses to show an individual are always relevant to what is happening in your current lifetime. This information alone is healing, and can often provides comfort, further insight, and greater understanding. The SC will only share information that is appropriate and will be of benefit to you. 


Traditionally, this part is what was known as “past life regression”, but with the continued expansion and understanding of human consciousness, more than just past life experiences are available to explore during a session. Some may experience future lives, parallel lives, and/or lives on other planets, in other dimensions, and on other planes of existence. In a BQH  session each person goes to "the most appropriate time and place" and we explore this together.


3.) Direct Contact with the SC - The second part of a BQH session is speaking directly with the SC, asking questions and perhaps doing healing work. 

The SC can identify physical problems that exist within the body and explain the issues that may have caused each problem. If it is suitable for healing to occur, often times the SC may heal the issue instantaneously. It is believed by many that there is virtually nothing that cannot be healed. Very often, simply understanding why a disease is present or why a particular emotion is being experienced is sufficient for relief and removal. 

4.) Post-Session Debrief - After your hypnosis session is completed, we will chat for a bit about what you learned and things your SC may have given you to do to assist with your goals. 


The Healing Part of Hypnosis -

The healing part of BQH is based on the understanding and belief that physical disease and emotional issues manifest from unresolved trauma. These traumas and/or beliefs most often originate in the past, whether in this life or another lifetime. Through understanding the cause, and learning the lesson a trauma offers, the issue can be released, and allow for healing and freeing the individual of the issue. If a condition was chosen as part of a learning process during this life, the SC  can  identify this  and can help you understand the lesson that is made available through the experience. Gaining this knowledge can also be very healing. 


It must be stated that healing can only occur if an individual:

a.) Wants to be healed

b.) Believes healing is possible, and 

c.) If it does not interfere with the goals of their lifetime.


As Dolores Cannon reminded us often, “Not even Jesus could heal a person if the individual wanted their illness on some level, [or] if they did not believe healing was possible, or if the illness was a part of their life plan that they still needed.”


Asking Questions and Your Subconscious - 

The SC is the ultimate resource when it comes to our personal experiences and knowledge, so we can ask questions about any life event or relationship. We can seek guidance in any area of our lives from our SC. The answers tend to be both simple and profound. BQH clients are encouraged to bring a list of questions for this portion of the session. Once a session is booked, you will receive a couple different documents, one of which is a guide for identifying questions in multiple areas of your life. This is extremely helpful to complete before your session! 


Practitioners – 

Dr. Fredi was trained and certified in the BQH modality in 2020. 



Additional FAQs


Q: Am I aware of what’s happening during the session?

A: Yes. You are answering questions about what you are experiencing all throughout the session. Visiting other lifetimes is like being in two worlds at once, much like when we’re watching a movie or reading a book while also engaging with this reality.


Q: Will I remember it afterwards?

A: Usually yes. Hypnosis is not anesthesia. Stage Hypnotists give suggestions that remove the memories of what occurred. In BQH sessions such suggestions are not given, part of the power of hypnosis is in remembering your experience! Once you come out of the theta brain wave you will probably recall most of what happened, though it might fade quickly like a dream does. All clients receive a recording of their session, and you are encouraged to listen to this recording many time, since the answers from the SC, and the healing, are reinforced each time you listen to it.


Q: Will I do or see or experience anything that I don’t want to?

A: Absolutely not. Your Higher Self or SC will never show you what you’re not ready to know or process. Everything is done in the gentlest, most compassionate way possible, while still obtaining the healing you are seeking. During the session you are always in charge.  Your SC will not go against your primary or moral beliefs.  For instance, if you decide not to see other lifetimes because you don’t believe humans reincarnate, your SC will only show you things from this lifetime.


To summarize - BQH sessions are Simple, Beautiful, Profound, and Astonishing.

It can be time travel, and/or space travel, and exploring the infinite possibilities of where we can go and what we do or may have done in between lifetimes. It is discovering other chapters you’ve lived, even though you thought this chapter was the entire book. It is meeting and talking to your sacred Whole Self. And yet - it all feels informal and somehow ordinary too. That’s what Quantum Healing is. 


Welcome to your best life! 

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